Mark Abrahams

Mark was born and raised in Southern California. He received his BA in Political Science from San Jose State University, and then joined Brunswick Corporation, where he worked his way up through a management program. In 1982, he left Brunswick to fulfill his dream of attending Law School. Building cabinets to pay the bills, he graduated from McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento and was admitted to the California Bar in 1987.

Mark practiced law for four months, part-time. Each day, he came home from the office at lunchtime, changed into his jeans, and then went to his cabinet shop to do the work he loved. Knowing he would never be willing to make a commitment to the law, Mark chose to pursue a career in construction. He quickly became a licensed contractor and began to expand his cabinet business, which was then called Wood Systems, into a full remodeling service. When Maura joined the company, Wood Systems became Abrahams Construction and evolved into the design-build team that it is today.

Mark has a long history of strong community involvement. In the late 1990's, he received appointments to the Construction Codes and Advisory Board, the Mayor's Commission on Development, and then later to the Development Oversight Commission. Mark's greatest strength is taking charge and bringing consensus, which he has achieved as president of several local organizations, including Land Park Pacific Little League, The Sacramento Youth Symphony, and the Land Park Neighborhood Association.  

Elizabeth Vigil Principal, Cal Middle School

Mark – No kids at Cal and [you’re] still making these amazing contributions…Thank you so much. I’ll say again that the base [for the new marquee at Cal Middle School] is just beautiful. We are so fortunate that you’ve been this generous with your time and expertise. We are extremely grateful for everything you’ve done.